Monday, November 30, 2009

Two legs bad.

My dance teacher is exasperated with me. Told me I lacked imagination. And practice. And poise I shouldn't wonder but luckily I'm not sure that's a word my dance teaches uses. As yet.
I only took up dancing after being inspired by dance teachers' twinkle toes, lightness of foot and all-round happiness. Apart from when she is not happy that is. But that's not too often I find.
The lessons are on a a rather ad-hoc basis. Thirty seconds or so every couple of weeks is about the cut of it. My dance teacher's time is precious you see. This morning I was only part way through a twirl and highland hop - or whatever its called when Ms Teacher's boyfriend appeared and that was the end of my lesson!!!! Such is life.

Anyway, such is the bounty of Ms Karmina Smit's artistic nature enthused with hapiness, that when the Democratic Republic of North Tolsta is declared - and mark my words it will be - Ms K Smit will get my vote for the post of Artistic Director with the Movement Portfolio. Or something.

Since Ms Smit's agent/Mum has not managed to place me in line for a smiggin of time to get a snap of my dance teacher, and school beckons agin in the morning, the one above will have to suffice for the time being.

Two gold stars for those who know where this is.


windy said...

Isle of Lewis?

Andrea Ingram said...

As it happens, no

windy said...

B****r, and I thought those gold stars were heading my way :-(

Aonghas said...

my neck of the woods?!?

not that i recognise it :p

Andrea Ingram said...

No, Aonghas.

Ok, lets say its joined to Lewis :-)