Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Where's Ben"I asked. Ben being Clocks' little terrier who is usually somewhere around. " Do you want him?" Clocks replied - as he often does. "Yes" I said knowing full well that no-one can own Ben since he is his own man. He belongs to North Tolsta although Clocks feeds him. Ben can often be seem miles away from Clocks Towers at the other end of the village purposefully making his way somewhere that inspires him. Maybe a bitch on heat. Certainly he has been seen lurking outside Curls' hopefully thinking Mandy will make her way through the fence.
Ben maybe small. And white-ish. But he ready to tackle any size of dog and stand his ground.
Mind you its amazing that Ben is around at all as he has been flattened a number of times which slows him down for a few weeks. This makes me thinks he is probably crossed with cat!

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