Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tealair stroll

My fav Tolsta View taken with Paxette - before the snow!

The moon is at its fullest, the tides are massive and so, today at low tide - or just before, Eve and I took off for a stroll down North Tolsta's cemetery road towards Traigh Mhor [Big Beach]. In between snow showers and bright sunshine, we took off to Tealair, a little bay only accessible at low tides. Here there are some fine caves at the bottom of sheer cliffs.
What a fantastic place and what a strange day. The wind was very keen and twas a good that we were both wrapped up well. The snow came over from the north in heavy flurries, foam from the sea was being blown all over the place.
I had taken a tiny and old camera with me - a Braun Paxette 1 - with a lens scratched it produces images with loads of flare and they look rather like images from a hundred years ago. The snap is of Eve on the way home just below cemetery road.
Toots did not come with us!

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