Friday, January 22, 2010

We have friends

Yes, yes its not North Tolsta in the snap. It's not even Scotland. But these are friends - English/Polish/Metropolisian friends or something. And they don't always look like this - as they're often found chasing Sir Chris Hoy [or more probably Princess Victoria Pendleton ]around the Manchester Velodrome - or, in the case of the chap in the middle [Superman 1] doing a mean Elvis impersonation in Krakow.

The lovely thing about living up here on Lewis is that its so easy to make friends and good lovely nice people friends too. Take yesterday, I took a few moments out of my suffering with this hangover from Christmas flu to pop up to Bac and Carolyn in the Pharmacy to pick up my prescription. Now, it's lovely going to The Bac Pharmacy because the staff are really friendly and even listen politely when I whinge - as I do. Having said that, sporty Paul had not arrived back from running to Ness and back [I think] so the prescription wasn't ready. Not to worry as Back stores is nearby where I can purchase a dark chocolate bar to up my blood sugar levels a tad. As it happens in there I meet Donald-four-tractors from North Tolsta. Lovely chap who, for the last two years has help bring the peats in with one of his collection of MF/Ford tractors. And the nice thing is no-one seems to mind if you hang around passing the time of day in the shop, chewing over the latest news to filter out from The Grazings Committee onto which The Crofter is now been elected [the first English on-comer in the whole history of the world of North Tolsta to have such an honour bestowed upon him]. Now that's the sort of high-powered life I lead now.

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