Monday, February 15, 2010

It rained

Toots Wilson in full[ish] flow

The Bridge

Look, it may be less than ideal weather at the moment, I may have a dodgy chest infection but I cannot stay in all day and evening waiting for things to improve. So, armed with an old Kodak Retinette camera, Eve and I dragged Toots out of his slumbers [where, I might add, he was dreaming of going into his darkroom - again] and took off to Great Bernera where we set of in watery sunshine along the path to Tobson.

It is such a wonderful spot and well worth the effort to get along there - whatever the weather. To start the walk one crosses this lovely little bridge, passes a couple of cottages and walk over towards the derelict one. At this point the sun was still shining and we set off along the coast towards the lobster ponds. No sooner had we crossed a few bogs, climbed a stile or two and gazed across the bay than the rain started lash down. Toots was soon pining for his fire and cosy chair - and I wasn't keen on going on either - so we set off home again.

Actually, looking back at the day from the comfort of a dry home and the film from the Retinette developing, I rather enjoyed the walk. Especially since the film CMS20 developed for about two and half hours in Rodinal 1;200 ish turned out quite nicely


Rootintootin said...

Do you have any digital cameras or do you only use film?

Andrea Ingram said...

I don't have a digi camera but my partner has an old 2mp camera that we use if we want to sell something online.
I mostly use film - but sometimes paper-in-camera or glass plates.

Julio F said...

Nice images, Andrea, please take care of yourself, February not a good time of the year for chest infections.