Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is Lard. Otherwise known as Jake Ingram-Dodd and my nephew. As it happens, he is a dancer - although i must admit he doesn't look particularly graceful here. Having said that, he made a lovely move with his left foot shutting a door whilst we were carrying the bench to be painted through the house. That's what dancers do. I'm told. At the moment Jake is working with the Featherstonehaughs [say 'Fanshaws'] which is a fantastic dance company directed by the great Lea Anderson. This is my nephew we are talking about here. Eh! And such a lovely man too.
Do a google of him and you can find some stuff ... including this vid and this one too when he was working with Maresa von Stockert. Fantastic eh? Oh yes, and he is in the new and lovely 'glass' magazine - a sort of artsy Vogue / Dandy. I've seen a pre publication copy and its is fantastic - even got Sarah Moon's images in.
He's not bad at painting benches either :-)

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Edwin said...

Och a definite family resemblance ther :-) :-)