Friday, February 12, 2010

What's going on?

Gosh, for the last few days the weather up here on our island has been just wonderful. Warm sunshine, lovely warmth and hardly any breeze at all. Ghriet the doggie has enjoyed a fine stroll on the Traigh Mhor beach this morning, running all over the place, in and out of the sea and generally getting quite tired.
I've been down to The Crofter some days too - what with the North Tolsta Rodeo an all. Since the croft in question is on the edge of the world near enough, one does really get distracted. We were down doing a spot of ditching with the digger thing when I looked to my left and took in the view of Donald Four Tractors' sheeps and No. 1 North Tolsta. And the Minch.
What a great privilege it is to live in this place.

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