Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Polypan

I'm quite liking this film - which is good because I have a big roll of it, it was cheap and most other film is getting expensive now.
Just finished an hour or so turning out some prints from this stuff - and they look quite nice but not good enough, yet. It might have to do with the bits in the tap water round here which makes film developing rather tedious not to mention hit and miss.
I might add this is not a print but a neg scan. Prints will be coming along soon. Its a local walk to one of the beaches since you ask.
Off to see "Sex and drugs & rock & roll" tonight - the film that is. Its the Crofter's birthday soon so we are taking him to see this film about a former 'opera' singer. :-)


Anonymous said...

I do not recognise this area...whjch beach does this lead to?

Andrea Ingram said...

Traigh Mhor