Monday, March 22, 2010

More walking

Eve had the day off today so we took off to Harris for a change. The idea was to have a spot of luncheon in Rodel Hotel - a lovely place situated in a superb setting. Only it was closed. We should have checked before we set out. The Anchorage cafe in Leverburgh was closed too as was the cafe in the community shop. The butty coach was open - but we gave that a miss as we were not dressed for the occasion. So, sustained by a couple of vegi pasties from the community shop we took off for a little stroll over the hill to Borrisdale. It is one of the most pleasant paths I know on the island for a easy stroll. The path is well made, the grass surface is well kept by the sheep and the rabbits, the views are outstanding and the weather wonderful. Well, it was today anyway.
No snaps as yet but here's one from yesterday on Tolsta Head with Coelyn striding ahead - as he does.

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