Monday, March 29, 2010

No apologies

I'm not going to apologise. Lets be clear on that. I got it wrong. Quite wrong but unless I had admitted it you would never have been any the wiser.
There I was all washed, scrubbed, sweet smelling and warm-snugged in bed not a little sleepy and just about to fall into the abyss of slumber when it struck me. My mind began to race, my pulse too. I'd counted the frames wrongly.
See, I'd been using the old Houghton-Butcher wooden box camera with its lovely meniscus lens which takes 8 frames on 120 film. Ok, it doesn't matter to you , its nothing, nada - whatever, but I know now it was frame 3 not 6. And that's a pertinent point; it wasn't Herself in the boat-shed after all but whatsername in An Lanntair earlier. Look, close you eyes a bit , squint making a wierd face - as I do - and you can see its Whatsername can't you? Anyway, I can. Mr Windy should be able to as well - since he does work with her !!!

weather; light snow

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windy said...

It was a waste of time 'er getting 'er 'air done if you're gonna go and blur the photo, aint it