Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm taking it easy strolling out in the sunshine, brisk cool breeze in my face, dark clouds in my head and hard skin on my feet. Imaginary dog by my side as my usual companion seems to have given up on me. Past the community shop cars whizzing past for a quick look at the beaches before turning and going back again. Can't get the snapping feeling out of me - the snapping of the camera that I must do very day for some inane reason. I'm not living if I'm not snapping telegraph poles or something like that.

There's a man from a foreign land who walks this way twice a day with his dog, who I shall call Dai. Twice a day enjoying the quietness of the village, the sea air and the aircraft flying low overhead crashing through something that causes me to start. The 'military' are playing at killing people again this week no doubt.

Dai and his master walk, though the opposite way from me. I meet them on the cemetery road. I always like to walk up the road away from that place rather than down towards it. call me odd but that's the way it is with me.

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