Monday, April 26, 2010

Tolsta Community Shop

Craig - shop manager

He's waiting in the shop. He should be of course as that's what he's paid for. Anyway, he's there. He's there shuffling the jammie dodgers - essential for keeping the daleks out of the village - with the fire-lighters. Everything so nicely lined up and ready for inspection.
"Good day Sir" I remark and he looks up and smiles. "How nice to see you" he says. And it obviously is since his smile broadens and he makes his way behind the counter. "How may I help you?" he continues, no doubt a regular viewer of Are you being served in days past.
Since I am beyond such consumer-related-conversations , I stroll around the extensive premises, admiring the tins or this, jars of that and packets of the other. I can't help noticing though, there is no wall of crisps. "No wall of crisps then ?" I venture. Craig eyes me sadly. "Not yet I'm afraid".
I just hope there will be. Not that I eat them of course.


John Hastings said...

How remiss and neglectful of you to fail to impress upon the casual viewer that this is no mere community shop ... it is, if I am not mistaken, a sub post office doing a fair trade in chewing gum and mints!

Andrea Ingram said...

Well said Mr Hastings. However, the PO side had been shut for a few days and re-opens today! Not sure how well the chewing gum is selling. Must ask

John Hastings said...

The casual observer may overlook the empty spaces in the mint and chewing gum dispensing apparatus, which helps to form my view of the popularity of mastication in the vicinity of the said emporium.It is also nice to note that Sir Anthony Hopkins appears to have has found meaningful employment and this would explain his absence from the silver screen! Or am I just being flippant?