Saturday, April 17, 2010


We are sat in Toots' luxuriously appointed home, wall to wall floors, snaps on show, windows and everything. "Tea?". I nod and I'm not asleep - yet. The biscuits come out - chocolate tasty things all laid out end to end in a little basket with a serviette.

With a deft movement Smiley-like, the pinhole camera is placed on the bookshelf just next to Kennas' best and Blakemore's tribulations with tulips. Atget looks over me as I pull the shutter open then sit down. Down, deep down on the soft and forgiving settee.

The tea is drunk, the biscuits are gone - just a wee crumb or two remains on the red serviette. Toots considers what tins to buy; we wonder about Coelyn on St Kilda as the cold rain lashes down outside. And the deed is done.

I made the flippin thing - all gaffer tape and matchbox. It works too.

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