Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fruitless in Tolsta

An old snap from England.

I'm strolling through the village minding my own business and trying not to catch anyone's eye since they are bound to ask why I'm not out on the peats - again! Its trying to snow again. I've been out and dug some peats and I'm going again soon - just as soon as my tired old body will allow me.

So I troll into the Community Shop. Before picking up the papers - one for us and one for a chap o'er t'road - I notice that the Jammy Dodgers are altogether more fruity. The packaging definitely says "More fruity taste". It shouts it. big red lettering an all. Now I'm hooked and make a purchase [only don't tell Eve since they've all gone]. The only thing is, they are not at all fruity. All the fruitiness is on the packaging and little made it inside. I tried them all and all were the same. A singular lack of fruitiness I think. More Dodgy than jammy in fact. I'm shocked.


windy said...

The first thing to make me laugh tonight, thankyou A - still reeling in shock with tonights election 'appenings

John Hastings said...

Hmm enough of of this controversy 'bout Jammie Dodgers. Be prepared for some shock news. Whilst having a casual saunter round Morrison's (a Mega store of much dimensions) I gave a passing glance to the biscuit aisle (Yes a whole aisle devoted to biscuits!!) I spotted a step too far in modern innovation ... "LEMON FLAVOURED" JAMMIE DODGERS, SULPHURIC YELLOW TO BOOT! I'm speachless. I think its a CLegg Cameron conspiracy to undermine our way of life. Is nothing safe?