Monday, May 03, 2010


Ere look, we've bin away like. Just down the road at Reef, hanging on for dear life as the wind and rain came in off the Atlantic and freezing us in the process. Still, twas lovely since we got to do some nice walking in the Monday sunshine.

Reef's quite lovely out there on the Bhaltos peninsula and the campsite can't be much nearer a white sandy beach and clear blue yet cold sea.

We're back now, warming our toes in front of the fire and wondering if Haggas actually sold two jackets to The Doctor since he lost one this week.

On the election front; today I actually heard a discussion on the radio about the real things we should be thinking about in this election - the fact that consumer capitalism is unsustainable. And no, none of the local candidates are interested. None. I shall be voting Lib Dem in the vain hope that the undemocratic election system might be changed and we can vote the Greens into parliament.

Listen to this NOW!

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bogach said...

the election of the "ConDems" doesn't seem so relevant when you're upstairs in a tent...