Thursday, June 03, 2010

If it had been Alexey not Eric..........

Had Barnhill been occupied by Titarenko not Blair. Had it been a photograph and not a book and had it been 2010 and not 1948, this might, just might have been a half-decent attempt at a homage to the great man.

As it happens its a nice snap of persons unknown going onto the ferry to the mainland and a lovely sunny day. So sunny was it that I sat for a long while in the hot sun with my dear Eve and Mr Toots Wilson and watched the world go by. Slowly. It was a tremendous few hours. However, the downside was I got covered in some sort of beetle creatures. In my hair, down my top and even it transpired, in my knickers!!! Was a tad uncomfortable for a few moments till I had extracted the wee fellows.

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