Friday, June 18, 2010

Moving and the like

You may have noticed if you reside up this way, a tall American wandering hither and thither with a big pack on his back pointing a camera at various personages. His name is Robert Stuart from New York. Just back from Amsterdam via Paris and travelling on to Nicaragua Robert is sampling the life of an incomer Crofter - see over at Island Crofters. Since Mr Stuart is rather mesmerised by the Big Isle of Rust he also pointed his movie camera at Hector and Ishbell and other important people on the island.
I took the opportunity to turn an old camera on him too - using my 1x18cm Soviet view camera that is held together with elastic bands and gaffer tape and came up with this - my own little portrait of him - drinking his coffee.

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throopDcat said...

interesting...envious of the backpacker with camera