Monday, August 09, 2010

Did I tell you I went to a wedding?

The outside photograph. Maybe its the brides mother or maybe not. Who knows? Perhaps I should have been looking before I snook the shutter down.
It's that man again. And his son - nearly anyway! I wish his son would grow taller than he might be in my snap!
Oh deary deary me. Time for bed
The bride is behind that lot somewhere. I am not "A" list you see so I get the back row!
Ms ....

I think I told you I went to a wedding. I did and all. Someone in the extended family on my partner's side . The side where it all mansion houses, cars that work without clouds of smoke and everything.

What a day. I mean it was nice and all - except that my film in the Zorki camera got stuck and broke so only had a few snaps to annoy everyone. Still, there was a man in a kiss-me-quick hat bestooned wif digital cameras and lens' so long you could have poked the bridegroom in the eye with them. So that was alright then.

Now, have I got the snap with the grooms father and mother in....? No.

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