Monday, August 30, 2010

Old camera, old film

The other morning I sought out my Kodak Brownie Twin20 camera and some old Vericolor film. Re-spooled the film since the camera takes 620 spools, gaffer-taped it up and took it out for a spin.

The Horse was waiting for me at the Morven Gallery and the boat at Ness Harbour. As I write, Coelyn is with Ian Stephen and others in the Minch in this little traditional boat on the way to Stromness see here - Ness is at the top of the island on the left, Stromness near the bottom left of top group of islands]. The weather is fantastic at the moment.


roopDcat said...

fun stuff....I'd sure like to see the entire hull

Andrea Ingram said...

Have a look here Roop

roopDcat said...

thanks for the site direction