Wednesday, August 04, 2010


"Has anyone any moisturiser please?"
"oh look, something's moving out of Brevig harbour"
The crowd look, look, everywhere but at the Great Swimmer - except one!
Just the latest in Swimwear - soon to be available at Bac Pharmacy alongside horselicks and asprin. Order yours now!
"Look, I have proof. If you don't finish soon, you'll be washing up for a month!"
The apparition in Broadbay

The ferry got me back, back from a penance in London and elsewhere. A wedding. You know the sort of thing; posh frocks, champagne, mansion house and idle chat. They were happy them who were married. Who ever they were. Eve knows them; related to them in fact. Oh, that means I'm related to them. You might even get to see them soon since I took a snap or two.

Was raining when we stepped ashore, raining at Carloway show that enjoyed our company and raining as I write this. And the peats are still out on t'moor.

The post had been while we were away. I got cards and all that since I am now a year older and all that. Today :-)

There was also some snaps I took of Paul, Sporty Paul from Bac pharmacy. He swam the bay you know. Took hours - and I waited two of those for him to arrive. And arrive he did in style with Mrs Bac Pharmacy threatening him from a boat that went out to meet him. A piper did what pipers do and loads of people where there to welcome him in. He was wet. And cold. But still, there was a man who smiled - and was vaguely familiar - who shook his hand. I think that's why Paul did the swim - or I might have dreamed that!!

Paul was brill - and raised loads of money for charity. Well done Sir.

The Minch next?


Anonymous said...

You seem to have omitted to tell us avid readers how many birthdays you have celebrated...

Andrea Ingram said...

I was 18 last year. But time seems to have moved on exponentially!!!