Monday, September 27, 2010

Ullapool cyclosportive

Three quarters of the Smit family
The intrepid three
The scenery - not that the cyclists had time to look at it!

Now, my life used to revolve around cyclists. I worked at the Velodrome in Manchester, I coached cyclists, I raced and my partner raced. Since moving to the island, Eve has cycled to keep fit and I have done nothing much - mainly due to my persistent CFS. Still, we have plenty of friends still in the sport - the wedding recently we attended was of a cyclist and other cyclists were there too. In the hospital where my partner works is another former racing cyclist - and photographer - Mr Windy and we hatched a plan to go over the water to the mainland and ride the Ullapool cyclosportive. We even coerced Stephan from the hospital and this village into riding despite him only taking up cycling recently.
The 65mile route of the event goes round Stac Polly along some of the most beautiful roads in Scotland. Only, they are a tad up and down and Stephan suffered but did absolutely brilliantly to finish - albeit on his knees!. The weather was lovely and so was the day. Eve, Stephan and Mr Windy completed the course a mere whisker [1.5 hrs!] behind Paul Smith - also from the Isle of Lewis who shot round in 3.5 hours!
I took some snaps, I had a wonderful time and look forward to another little bicycle related trip with the clan. Mr Windy wrote about it too here.

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windy said...

It was your plan (IIRC), I just went along for the ride (and a most enjoyable one it was too) :-)