Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Wedding

Eve & I were down at Whitby for a wedding recently. Lovely church on a hill overlooking the harbour. The sun was shining, Jon, the handsome and ever-lovely bridegroom was grinning and all was well. Carli the bride looked wonderful and in no time - with a little cajoling from the vicar to us plebians - the two were wed. Out in the sunshine the cameras were shooting this way and that - and some of them at Jon & Carli too. Sir Chris Hoy was there to see it all happen resplendent in his Hebridean tartan kilt. [note to self; tell Chris that Kilts and bouncy castles a good match do not make].
Ellen [and no, I won't forget to mention the O.B.E] was there as well with her hubby Paul and two childs - Lucrecia and Fred - both now too old for their own good. I must say, despite staying in a B&B that was singularly uninspiring["Would you like the room with the four poster bed?" ; yes please we say only to find the thing was a few peices of 2x2 with some rag over the ends!] , and later sleeping in a teepee at the reception field - we had a wonderful time. I mean, even The Jam Man was there.

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John Hastings said...

Modesty aside, did you exchange words with Sir Cumferance (sorry being flippant) Sir Chris. Did HE recall that I passed on your regards a couple of weeks ago? Ah to mingle with the famous JH