Monday, October 18, 2010

Nice stroll

A fine little gaff
Eve and I took off last Saturday for a light stroll in the otherlands and decided, after a quick consultation with the Mrs BacPharmacist as to where to go to head off towards Huisinis. Tis a wonderful little drive along this road, bounding as it does, the ragged coastline of this area in North Harris. After countless bends and turns which opened up the wonderful vistas and then just as quickly closed them again, the road arrives at the boundary of Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, a fine edifice in a tremendous setting where one can enjoy corporate events, get married or kill things in the name of 'sport'. We didn't go in - we wern't dressed for the part. We didn't pass through the gate either but parked up and walked up the nearby road towards the fish-farm and the little hydro-electric power station. The track passes alongside a loch and rises up to a reservoir before running along the waters edge. Its a wonderful place to be and well worth the stroll up. We enjoyed, had a snack and came home.

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