Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Darkroom again

The Crofter, yes im of the Grazing Committee, chairman of the Community shop.

Despite the ventilation not being sorted in the darkroom yet, I ventured in for a spot of printing since I had some nice negs that wouldn't wait. Soon, a local electrician will re-wire the darkroom in prep for the ventilation system - to go with the three story vertical extension that I have planned [in my dreams!].
Anyway, since I'd been taking a few portraits with the old Kowa 6 camera, I'd got some nice negs to work with and after a quick expose' onto some ForteCooltone RC paper I got some prints. Here's one. Tis of the Crofter prior to him venturing out into the weather! I shall pay a visit later on to see if he can wade through the mud that is his 'lawn' to get to the piggies!

I'm listening to 'Late Junction' with Max Reinhardt on the BBC iPlayer at the moment. A brilliant if eclectic mix of music to feast your ears on. Do give it a try. Radio3 at 11.15pm

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Daniel Williams said...

Last night I was watching television and a show that I have never seen before came on - "Islands of Britain" with Martin Clunes. This episode took place, in part, on Lewis and Harris. I have been following "Boxes & Bellows" for the past six months or so. It was very interesting to see a place so far away that seemed familiar. I thought you might like to know that someone an ocean and a continent away enjoyed seeing your home.

Daniel Williams
who lives in Enumclaw, a small town in Washington State in the far northwest corner of the United States