Monday, November 15, 2010

Sam and I

Being a top-quality cheap-skate, I acquired some Rollei-Retro 400s film that only cost three shillings twopence ha-penny a roll or something equivalent to that. Probably.
The film originated as Aviphot 400 made for spying on us all I should imaginet. Now the spying is done digitally - no doubt GCHQ will be reading this before I post it - the film has been confectioned as 35mm film that fits snugly in my collection of slr's and rangefinders. This sunny day - not today since most of the day it has rained, although it started well with a wonderful sun-rise over the mainland mountains. Anyway, this sunny day recently well, fairly recently, I took Sam who was staying for a few days on a sort of holiday or maybe punishment, out on the beach dunes for a stroll where I took the snap with the OM10.
Today, while the rain poured, I dropped the film into some rodinal - roughly 50:1 - about 20C and after shaking it around a bit left it while I got on with life. I did agitate the developing tank periodically during the next 30mins [by shouting "Digital"- loudly] and then, once fixed found I had some images. This was one of them.

2 comments: said...

That's it! I'm coming there. Do you have a good link for local island tourism? What is a good time of year to bring my parents (70)?

And I'd I'd be honored to send you som film. ( ya, the old stuff, frozen, I'm talken kodak tech pan and agra 25!

Hit me offline

Also have a 100' foot roll of a 9.5" xerographic film I'd share with you. Extra ektar base, special made. Can you cut it?


Julio F said...

This is a great shot. Those curved lines in the foreground look like a Van Gogh painting.

(you might want to crop out the shadow at the right bottom corner and go for a large wall print)