Friday, November 26, 2010

Tis 'orrible

Tis 'orrible out there at the moment. Wet, cold and very windy. The old Tub MV Muirnag has not ventured which is no surprise at all but neither has the MV Isle of Lewis ferry gone out this afternoon.
This morning the village was coated with hailstones that had thrown themselves from the sky early doors - just before I took the community shop van into town for the papers - which didn't arrive. The plane didn't leave where-ever it was coming from! Still, this only takes the village back to where it was before the planes started bringing the papers over anyway so not much of a loss. Although I do rather miss the Guardian - I shall just read it on-line now.

This was the scene on the stroll back home for the shop this morning. Not half as bad as the mainland.


windy said...

Looks rough there A.

Jeff Damron said...

I always enjoy your posts. I live in a somewhat remote and secluded place (and grew up in the opposite end of the county which is even more secluded), and so understand what you are talking about, even though your conditions are very different than mine. The internet is a wonderful invention for keeping up with what is going on out in the rest of the world. That is another lovely picture, by the way.