Friday, November 19, 2010


Sam takes a stroll
A wall
Another wall

We took a walk the other weekend - as you do. Paid our respects at the grave of the very brave Linda Norgrove in Ardroil then took off across the dunes to the beach. Such a wonderful place. Miles of sea, sand dunes and mountains a nere a person to be seen all day. The walls on this island always amaze me. The hours they must have taken to build in the first place and the incredible routes they take. My favourite wall is on the isle of Great Bernera - but I have not come across that snap yet so these will have to do.

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ADB said...

Some of those walls, like the one between Tobson and Croir in Bernera, were actually built to make work for the men. The agency was called the Congested Districts Board, and if memory serves, these walls were put up in the 1920s. There is another one between Dalbeg and Shawbost - go on the coastal walk, and you'll find yourself climbing over it.