Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve


Well, it's here at last. Christmas Eve that is. The snow is still here and I can officially say now I am now bored with it. Yes it looks lovely, but when my dear beloved employers call me out on a wild goose chase driving around the island on sheet ice interspersed with snow, the spell wears off a bit.
But I have heard from some very good friends around the globe today - Manchester, Australia and Gress to name three. Gress being the next but one village where I called in on Toots Wilson to pass on best wishes and the like and eat his Quality Street - although he seems to be doing quite a good job by himself.
Mother in Somerset has the sprouts cooking ready for the morn when she will entertain some 'old dears' - no doubt 10 years younger than herself - for Christmas dinner for the umpteenth year. Mother-in-law in Yorkshire is coughing nicely at her other daughter's mansion as they prepare for a family, children-rich day.

Clocks caught up with me today as I slid down to see The Crofter and we exchanged best wishes. But for those who don't live here, Clocks is one of those who does not celebrate Christmas being part of the Free Presbyterian Church congregation - or it might be the Free Church [continuing] but I cannot remember. You can read here why they don't celebrate Christmas. You have to respect people these days who have a strong belief like this and don't get carried away like most of us with the church of over-consumption. Still, I might add that I don't believe what they do and have my own faith devoid of dogma or rigid doctrine. I don't expect anyone to agree with me.

Anyway, I wish everyone a lovely Christmas whatever your faith, beliefs and wherever you reside, whatever your gender, sexual orientation or skin colour.
Many thanks for reading.


Dominic Doherty said...

Love the first pic... you had lots of snow up there! It looks so lovely. Merry Christmas!

mbt said...

and a Happy Christmas to both you and Eve. Whatever else happens in the world don't give up the pics and words - they're wonderful.



Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas from he who pedals Down Under. We enjoy your pics very much indeed. All the best to you for 2011. M and M

Julio F said...

Merry Christmas and keep those pictures flowing!