Saturday, December 11, 2010

Murdo Sinatra & Co

Two young singers await their turn
Three snaps from the Big Band rat-pack evening at the British Legion last night.
The evening was based in the 1960s and some were dressed for the occasion hair-do's and all. A nice few hours with some good music, lovely singers but sadly, missing a bit of the atmosphere of the Glen McMillar theme last year.

I took the Zorki6 and Kiev 4 Soviet rangefinders and this is the first roll of film from the Zorki. Hp5 rated at 1600 asa.

BTW; The filming that took place in our little home a few months ago is for the Adventure programme on BBC Scotland on 27th Dec @ 19.00. I'm seen the bit I'm in so i don't feel quite so bad about it!


windy said...

Very nice. It was a fun evening :-)

Suzanne Révy said...

I love that middle one, Andrea. Lovely portrait.

Anonymous said...

Fame at last...Hollywood beckons.