Thursday, February 17, 2011

Did I tell you we went for a stroll last weekend? I did, ah well, I'm a tellin you agin.

The thing was since I have been doing illness for the last ten years or so, walking on the hills has hardly been a regular occurrence. Now I've got me 'ed around life and me, I'm feeling great and able to walk and ride the bike. Eh? Ride the bike? Yes, that's me, I ride a bicycle - and will be just as soon as I write this since the sun is shining and everything.

The walk; well, twas out Seaforth Estate way - a wonderful area with hills, horses and a couple of houses. Sunshine too since you ask but that's not always there despite the promo pictures you usually see of this place. Took a snap or two of them 'orses, got in t'darkroom and printed one. Ere it is flaw and all;
From a 35mm neg - HP5/Rodinal/Paterson RC paper.


donnie said...

this is a glorious pic :)))

Dominic Doherty said...

Could be an album cover... like Donnie said, it's glorious!