Saturday, March 26, 2011


The main road on Harris.

Near Northton.

Did I tell you I'm back riding the bike again? So lovely to feel the old legs turning and all that. The sun was shing this morning, I'd already taken the road bike out of the loft so we were out on the road down to Toots' place for a cup of coffee - while the rain came down! I must say Toots does make fine coffee and there's always biscuits on hand. Eventually we prised ourselves out of the conservatory chairs, left the nice photo books on the table and set off home again before the rain came back again. Not as nice a ride as the Tour de Harris the other week, but pleasurable all the same.
I took the Viv UW&S with me as i do on the bike, finished the roll and when I'd [under]developed the thing I found these snaps from the Harris ride. When the weather is fine, there's not many better places to ride a bike. And its always lovely for snapping.

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