Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crown Jewels

A very good friend of ours who happens to be a big cheese in the film/tv world as an art-director sent me her late husband's 2x3 Crown Graphic and such pretty camera you have never seen and I am so grateful. Fleur is also a member of sea shanty band - Mad Sea Dog - go and check them out!

It's a proper press camera like you see in those old gangster movies. Eh? No sooner than I had taken it out of the box, I'd loaded it with film and gone outside to shoot Hector and Murdo modelling the latest in Crofter fashion over the road. You'll have to wait for that image since I'm waiting till they are not looking before posting it as Murdo said he didn't have his best wellies on or something. Meanwhile you'll have to make do with this shot of a village fence. It's not that typical in that it's not falling over :-)

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gz said...

A beautiful addition for your "I don't do landscapes"!