Thursday, March 03, 2011


Coow, posing.
Chicken, posing
Poser, crofting.
See, I don't do landscapes!
What with the unseasonal good weather and no wind, I took off for a bicycle ride this morning. Along the coast to Tong where a cup of tea awaiting at the Coelyns. Then back again to see The Crofters who were being all leisurely outside with their overly large mugs of builders tea and dead animal filled sandwiches. Of course they'd not been sat there all day - or so they told me, but such visits give me an opportunity to snap-up some mighty fine non-landscapes. Animals are always around Turk is bound to show up, coow [Mdm Tinga] is there too, giving me the evil eye and bellowing for her son who has now been banished to the bottom of the croft. Then Mr Crofter strikes a pose in the most unlikely of places where its dark and his fine features are not visible so well. Still, I snap up all the same and here are three of them.

I'm still using 35mm cameras for this type of work but from time to time one falls apart, or begins to let the light in. If anyone wants rid of an old SLR do please throw it this way :-)


Tony Giles said...

I've got a couple of old Pentax SLRs somewhere if they're any good to you I can dig them out. No lenses though, I'm using them on my DSLR.

And I might have some old light seals floating around - what model cameras are leaking?

Andrea Ingram said...

My Pentax P30 is leaking light! Pentax? Yes please :-)

gz said...

That bird is definitely posing!!

Tony Giles said...

Glad to find someone else with a Pentax. I went digital and got a K-x which is a nice little camera and I can use all my old lenses on it.

I shall dig out what I've got and let you know. If you've not heard from me in a week or so - prod me, my memory's useless these days so I could forget. You're more than welcome to what I've got - it'll be nice for them to have a new lease of life.

gz said...

just seen a quote from Dickens that just says it about today's weather..