Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not such a great day

Courtesy of the big moon, the sea retreated a long way and Eve couldn't resist putting it on her pixels.
Ok, so it wasn't really the best day I've had in a while although the sun was shining. In fact the weather was lovely and it tempted me out with the Kowa6 MF down to Seaforth Estate to snap some horses I'd seen on a previous visit. When I arrived the horses were waiting for me. I set up the new tripod I'd been given and the leg went wrong. While I was trying to sort that out, the camera fell off and broke. I was so mad, I came home.

The good part of the day came in the evening when The Coelyns came round unexpectedly and took the crook camera off to see if a repair was possible. I do hope so since that camera is my favourite. The tripod went in the bin!

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windy said...

:-( Hope the camera is repairable

Great to see you yesterday, thanks for calling in :-)