Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tests only

Test shot 1. A wire. They are everywhere and if you don't see them in shots you can be sure they have been cloned out. I love 'em. And posts. Down Crossbost way.

Test shot 2. That's a proper hill and everything at the back. The quad bike riders race up to it and make a right mess of the land.
Test shot 3. The village from a peat track. And the sea. Well, The Minch anyway. Which is probably sea since it stops the SS Muirneag going most nights it seems.

Before I post anything I have to tell you these were test shots. Just out and about by the village and snapping - as I do. The problem, such as it is, started a while back when the camera was partially taken apart to remove the sand in it after it fell face first onto the dune. I replaced the lens element, tried to set the focus point correctly - and I think I've not been too successful. I'll have another go.
Still, they are snaps, they are on film - albeit Chinese film coated with used chop-sticks or something. Hence the 'bits'.
And of course, these don't count as landscapes because they are tests, are out of focus in a wabi-sabi sort of way. And the Coelynes may be reading this!


Tony Giles said...

Nice pictures. I must admit I get despondent when peoples test pictures are better than my real ones.

gz said...

I used to have a Voightlander!

So you *do* have snow!! I did wonder, considering Gulf Stream, Maritime effect et cetera.

I wonder how it is that we don't see the wires sometimes. Just mentally focussing on what we want to see? (isn't a lot of Life like that!!?!)

Lawrance Brennon said...

Hey Andrea,

Reading your blog is on my daily "to do" list - I really enjoy your words and images. (Not to mention your sense of humour!) KEEP IT UP.

Kindest regards,


Jeff Damron said...

I agree with the comment from Tony Giles and since he said it better than I was going to, I will just adopt his as mine. :)