Monday, April 11, 2011


Gratuitous nodding daffs snap

What a change a day makes. Now it's Monday and all seems rosier. Apart from having to work this week that is. Took off to An Lanntair for the usual Lewis Photographica Movement gatheration where Colin the Grass ['grass' in that he cuts the stuff for a living not smokes it] brought in his new Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder camera. Brand new proper film camera too - wow, that's great to see. Tis a fine camera and I expect to see some lovely images from Colin soon. Actually, to tell the truth I rather lust after such a camera myself one day.

The day hadn't started so well as I took off in the mist of the morning in the village to take some moody snaps with the Crown Graphic. Then the sun came out which rather scuppered my plans. I shot off the roll anyway then promptly under-developed the thing. Ah well, such is life. The snap above is one - from a thin neg scan.

I notice that there are three lovely silver gelatin prints on display in An Lanntair at the mo. All by the wonderful Calum Angus Mackay. One image called something like 'Hair clam' is absolutely mesmerising. It is one of the best prints I have seen for a very long time and well worth the cost of a Mocha in order to justify going in to see the print - although you could as easily just go and see the print without the drink - but why waste a fine cafe-stop opportunity?

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Laurie said...

lovely daffs! Sorry the sun disappointed you by coming out! :D