Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm back from a few days in a very hot Somerset visiting Mater in hospital where she is recovering from a couple of falls and subsequent injuries - which are somewhat serious. One thing I always get from mater is a sense of  the positive. Despite all Mater's troubles she still talks of getting a pedal tricycle when she gets stronger and tells me that she won't cook quite so many pancakes [as the 100 she did this year] for next years charity pancake party.
Now Mater is still in hospital, having countless tests, resting and healing -aiding the latter with meditation and visualisation.
Lynne in her orchard - with Goblina
Had a lovely time seeing Mater and my sisters. Jill lives in Nam - Cheltenham that is - while Lynne lives in a lovely old cottage on the Levels of Somerset surrounded by her orchard and bees hives.

I took this snap with the old Ilford Sporti.

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