Thursday, April 07, 2011


Ok, since its a week or two since I snapped these two, they have probably forgotten about and anyway, I saw Hector's car out near his peats this morning which suggests to me he might be cutting peats already.
This is a local fashion show with Hector and Murdo in the latest in crofting garb. Hector on the left is modelling a fetching blue overall with matching jacket - blue. It was blue, trust me. At least I think it was blue. On the right Murdo shows off the warm fleece top. But oh dear, he's only got his second best wellies on it seems. Rather spoils the look I think. Still, it was a fine if short show and gave me a chance to shoot with the newly acquired Crown Graphic camera.

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gz said...

Very smart indeed...clean, tidy and no holes, no less!!