Friday, June 17, 2011

Coffee. For six?

The butcher was late, the papers heavy, there didn't seem to be enough diesel vapours left in the tank to get me back and  I was in a bad place in my head. Such was the start of my day today. I have not even done my morning meditation yet.

Essence of Stornoway distilled.

The sun is shining again yet I shall steal myself away in the darkroom for an hour to lith-up some more prints. I need a masterpiece to show to the five, perhaps soon to be six in the morning.

Bob and Frankie await though. They slaver in their hutches and I know Frankie will play mind games with me while Robert looks on disdainfully . Life Eh?


gz said...

this one I do like.

Yes, one does get *those* days...lunar eclipse? never know,these things do effect us all.

windy said...

really like this one :-)