Sunday, June 12, 2011


The days after Mum's passing were busy and we were, as you might imagine, just a little shell-shocked. Our good friend Mondo came down to stay with us. A long time friend of the family who hails from Manchester, Mondo came by bus and immediately took Lynne and Jill, my sisters out for a welcome curry.

Mondo arrives in nearby Bridgy!

 Mondo catches up with news of another Man City defeat in the conservatory.
 'Jenson' Mondo
 In action in the orchard
 Kitted up to mow near the hives
 "Is he still mowing out there?"
 Hand mowing
"MONDO, tea's up"

With the weather very warm, for the next few days in between visits to the church, the funeral directors and what have you, Mondo kept us entertained while mowing the grass to within an inch of its life. I had actually spent some time mowing the orchard but after Mondo asked me if I'd cut with a knife and fork, I let him do the job properly. And mow it he did - even next to the bee hives. Up and down all day long, re-doing this bit,  trimming that bit till the orchard looked like Lords. Nearly anyway.

It was great to hear his laugh again, to have a hug from him and to hear the lovely things he said about Mum.

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gz said...

Its good to have friends around you