Thursday, June 09, 2011

'Pain au chocolat'? S'il tu plait!

Whilst away in England I really missed my Saturday morning bicycle ride to His Lordship Toots Wilson of The Wilsonian Institute, Gress. Eve and I will tootle across the moor - weather permitting and descend pleasurable towards Gress Beach and the hospitality of His Lordship at the Institute.
 The 'flags' go out signalling his Lordship is in residence.

His Lordship, Toots Wilson of the Wilsonian Institute .

You know His Lordship is is residence when his flags are flying on the washing line and his fine collection of Taraxacum are glowing in the gardens.
There's always a fine welcome in the South Wing where coffee is served with love, attention and a little morsel of something to tempt the taste buds too.

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