Monday, July 04, 2011


Not been feeling too bright of late for some reason. Probably because my shift at work is about to start no doubt. I quite like my work as it happens but it doesn't seem to like me at the moment.

Coelyne planning to snaffle the dark chocci cake

Eve and I made it to Toot's for mid-morning tea with the Coelyns and Toot's new playmate, Anne. The cakes were lovely as usual, the company equally so but I've not been at my best since. I think it's mere coincidence.

I did come away with a camera to play with so, loaded with RolleiRetro100 straight away, I shot the whole roll through in a day. Nice camera but it is rather heavy!

I shall feel better in the morning. How's that for positive thinking?

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gz said...

hope you do feel better.
Positive thinking works!

very tempting cakes....:D