Thursday, July 21, 2011

Picture on t'wall

I have a a friend. Only one don't you know and yes, I do pay them to be my friend since you ask.
 snap 1.
Snap 2

This friend want's a snap of mine on t'wall. There's no telling some people eh? I have in mind these snaps I took the other day. Obviously these are just neg-scans and I might even push the boat out and go to the same peat-road again with a bigger camera if the mood takes me and the clouds stay nice. And the midges stay away and it doesn't rain. Then, I will make a proper print in t'darkroom for 'im and everything.

They are both of the same place. Which one shall it be ? 1 or 2?

BTW; I don't 'do' landscapes.


Tony Giles said...

Snap 1 for me.

Sam Brightwell said...

The first one. I like roads that stretch out straight before you, not twisty, windy ones. Just saying.

Lawrance Brennon said...

No. 1 would look grand on my wall Andrea. You friend should be happy too!



gz said...

definitely number two.

Looks just right at first sight. Looking obliquely across the two upside-down (pictures, not me!) confirms that.

Iain said...

Tricky one, this. Numero uno has more chutzpah - it's got attitude, from the clouds to the track grabbing your eye and pulling it towards the hilly horizon.

Snap Happy Chappie said...

Well I personally like the long & winding road of pic 1. Must say though, it's certainly a far cry from your 'usual' stuff. It's positively even in focus!

Laurie said...

I vote for the winding road as well.