Sunday, August 28, 2011

Huisnish and beyond

The Huisnish road.

Same road, without the sheeps

The day dawned bright when I opened my still sleepy eyes. Lord Wiesmier, the stuffed rabbit looked at me suggesting I ought to get up and leave the bed to him. I did and so did Eve. We loaded the little car and took off to Isle of Harris and the wonderful road to Huisnish. This, I might add, is probably the most beautiful road on that island - especially when the weather is kind.

We had a wonderful walk - of which more later - then came back in wonderful light. A sheep posed so I stopped the car and shot it's portrait - only by the time I'd sorted things, it had turned away in disgust. Perhaps next time I'll have a camera that's working properly with me!


windy said...

Very nice. Bit 'wild' today though wasn't it?

gz said...

I love the cloud shadows on the hills. So evocative, you can almost smell the breeze

Mr Leica Man said...

Yes it is a lovely part of the island. We spent the day down the Luskentyre direction with our visitors from Oxford.