Monday, August 01, 2011

Yay, yay, yay. Nay.

The big enlarger I have sitting in the 'darkroom' [or 'damproom' ] seems to have stopped functioning for some reason or other. The electric part of it that is. Must be the pervading dampness of the village me thinks. I have already lost two electrical controllers to damp and it seems another has bitten the dust. Got half-way through a print and it just stopped. Botheration !
 "Where's Adam?"

"Where's the tea-tent?"

Took a visit over to Barvas show aka West-side agricultural show last week with two loaded cameras. Shot hither and thither and really enjoyed myself in the process. It was one of those snaps I was printing today too.
Some chappie fella me lad from a TV programme called CountryBumpkin  was there to open the show and as a result loads of people turned out in the unseasonably dry weather. The chap called Adam even judged the coows at the show giving a fine running commentary about 'straight backs' and gurning loins' or something similar. Kept many entertained for moments at a time.

I took a few moments to espy the Horses and enjoyed the throwing of the sack over the high-jump. Disappointed none of the competitors were turned out in kilts. Oh yes, one handsome chappie did have a kilt on while the others made do with a rag-taggle of 'trakies ' [as I'm told they are called] and work-a-day outfits. Anyway, I talked with the locals, looked at the produce, marvelled at the Rams as Ms Humble once did, shot a few more snaps and came home - to produce my first AV - which I dedicate to Toots Wilson and the young lad at the show who exclaimed with a wide grin on his face "I've got second in the turnips!". Bless.
Click on the little snibbit to make the video full screen and watch. Yes, it's meant to be blurred!!!!

You may have noticed I have lost my Lancashire affectations. Since I hail originally from Bath and am a rather better class of snob than most I thought it better. Don't you?

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