Thursday, September 15, 2011


September came around quickly. The sun shone and Eve and I took off for a lovely walk along our beautiful coast to a wonderful deserted beach where we dabbled our painted toes in the azure clear and cold water of the Atlantic. It was fantastic. Being with Eve is like that.

Now what ten disc's would you take?

Then I succumbed a little with something that needn't worry you but meant I had medical people looking down into lots of 'places' - and not finding anything wrong thank goodness. I have been a wreck. That's the way I get sometimes. But now I am on the up with no small thanks to some lovely people who know who they are.

The sun shone yesterday amid the heavy rain so, trying to forget the last 'probe' required at the Doc this morning I found some old negatives - on x-ray film as it happens - then some old Kentmere Printing Out Paper and made some sun prints. This one is small - less than two inches square but I like it all the same - even if the actual thing is a bit more interesting than it is here. And you can't imagine the pleasure I had in doing it - and that is what counts really.

POP goes the print


gz said...

Good to hear you're on the mend.

I'm looking forward to seeing that beach!

Mike said...

Looking good.
Wonderful looking beach as well.