Friday, October 28, 2011

Darling Eve

A Tuscan day is not like an Isle of Lewis day

For some reason I am struggling with my health again. It's not been a good few weeks at all. Despite my best efforts with meditation and what have you, I'm not getting better at the moment. I am so lucky that my dearest Evelyn is always so supportive and caring and that makes life a little easier to bear.

So, here we have Eve in Tuscany recently with the warm sun pouring through the window. Nice eh? 
Postings may be a bit erratic for while - for which many apologies. Normal service will be resumed soon - I hope :-)


Mike said...

Very nice work, including the handling of the tricky lighting.

gz said...

A beautiful shot.

Health isn't helped by coming back to a cold, wet and windy island!!

Look after yourself and get well soon

windy said...

Lovely photo. Take care and call in for tea and a chat if you are in town. x

astrobeck said...

Hope you are well soon!