Saturday, October 22, 2011

Is it too hot?

To be honest, at the time it all seemed a tad hot. Italy was broiling - up to 40C some days and being acclimatised to The Isle of Lewis, it did seem too warm. Now, with rain coming down for the last few days, storms passing over the island regularly in the wake of the national MOD, the thought of sitting in the warm shade with a cup of espresso watching the world go by in Tuscany is rather more appealing.

I rather admire the hoardes of tartan clad personages who have been roaming around Stornoway in search of  a dry spot, or a dram or, in the case of one bakery, a dram soaked Stornoway black-pudding bun!

But now I'm about the brave the weather again the evening for work, Tuscany again feels along way away


windy said...

No it's not. Tuscany was nice - I didn't even get my usual heat rash. Stornoway wind and rain or a Peroni by the pool in Tuscany? Unfortunately I have kids to feed and holidays come to an end............... :-(

gz said...

Back to reality with a bump!...or should that be a splash?!

Being in the shade, by a pool in that heat would be nice...I could even be tempted to do nothing for a while!!