Friday, November 04, 2011

Just William

The sun shone today-once the lashing rain had departed. My plans to inhabit the darkroom foiled again, as one must enjoy the light when it's here. William, a former work colleague of mine arrived unexpectedly [the text announcing William's possible visitation arrived some hours later when i walked down the road] in his new white van. No string or gaffer tape holding this one together and no odd graphics on the side either advertising a closed down pottery business. We took tea in the Warming room and then enjoyed the air on Garry beach for a while as William explained to me how lucky he was not be working for the same company as as I suffer from.
Of course I took a camera - finishing off a roll of film lurking in the Voigtlander Perkeo since our hot trip to Tuscany.
William enjoying the local Tolsta air - and not talking for the moment!

I did visit the darkroom- albeit with the door open to the warm sunshine as I developed the film.

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