Monday, November 14, 2011

Mr Leica Man

I took a trip over to Barvas the other day. It's not generally somewhere I usually go unless the Agricultural show is on or I'm off to snap a photo somewhere. For some reason, the area has not won me over. Still, now I have friends in the area. Two just up the road who have moved there recently of which, no doubt more at a later date, and Colin aka Mr Leica Man [and tells me he's too busy to use his cameras! ] who has opened a shop selling all thing garden machinery. How good is that? The place is packed full of new and pre-used machines and others being resurrected from an early demise. Mr Leica Man has a nice little shed in there too where he can hide and drink cups of green-tea between customers and work. Go pay him a visit, he is such a nice chappie.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Oh-ho! Looks like the kind of place the menfolk in our house would appreciate. Not far from Denis's, which is their mecca. xx

Mr Leica Man said...

It was good to see you out the other day. I had a sneaking suspicion this picture might "appear" somewhere.

The neighbour has (or is kinda in the process of) opening a new venture with the apparent aim of nicking some crofting types from the long established Lewis Crofters Ltd. Oh, and he's naming it after your 'other' blog - Island Crofter. Well, the cheek of it!